Student IfCiS Pavel Poltavtsev (5 year) became the triple champion of Paralympic games in London. Awarded: Golden, Silver, Bronze medals. Swimming breaststroke.

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Дата начала: 18.02.2020 в 09:00 , дата окончания: 20.02.2020 в 17:00

Psychological and pedagogical career guidance forum with international participation “PERSONALITY. PROFESSION. CAREER ”will be held at the Institute of Psychology Pedagogy from 02/18/2020 to 02/20/2020 (Orenburg, Kommunarov passage, 57).

The purpose of the forum is the creation of a scientific, educational and communication space for the integration of career guidance subjects, for the analysis and popularization of the best educational and career guidance practices.

The forum program is presented in three thematic blocks:

As part of the "School block" for subjects of early career guidance, interactive platforms will be held for leading experts in the field of psychological and pedagogical support of professional choice and professional self-determination of personality (02/18/2020).

“Student block” is represented by the format of interactive platforms for students studying in pedagogical, psychological, pedagogical and defectological areas. A unique opportunity for participants will be the discussion of modern technologies for designing professional trajectories (02/19/2020).

The “Academic Bloc” is aimed at the presentation and discussion of the results of psychological and pedagogical research, reflecting the solution of urgent issues of psychological and pedagogical support of a person in a situation of professional self-determination and career design (02.20.2020).

We invite students, undergraduates, teachers, psychologists, defectologists, class teachers, parents to participate in the forum events.

Additional information on the organization of the forum: 8 (903) 367-32-43 - Tsaritsentseva Oksana Petrovna, coordinator of the forum.

Additional information on publications: 8 (922) 815-31-44 - Lipskaya Tatyana Alekseevna, editor of the collection.

                                                                                                We are waiting for you on the forum!