Elections of the rector of the OSPU. Elected Aleshin Svetlana Aleksandrovna - candidate of pedagogical Sciences. Previously held the post of Deputy Minister of education in Orenburg region.

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Interfaculty competition of the essay "Also Remembers the World Saved..."

A competition is held among students of OGPU.
Organizers of a competition – department of literature, journalism and a technique of teaching literature of OGPU.

Main goals of a competition are:
• Formation of civil identity: patriotism, love and respect for the Fatherland, pride for the multinational people of Russia; awareness of the ethnic origin.
• Identification and development in participants of a competition of literary and creative abilities.

The competition of the essay is carried out in absentia in one step – from April 25, 2019 to May 5, 2019
Students of faculties of OGPU send the essay by e-mail to the address: kafedra-mir@yandex.ru

Summing up competition
The contest committee defines winners and prize-winners of a competition no later than May 8. Following the results of a competition winners and prize-winners are awarded with diplomas of winners (the diploma of the I degree), prizra - diplomas of prizr of a competition (diplomas of II and III degrees).

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Coordinator of a competition: 

department of work with entrants and graduates of ph.: +7 (3532) 77-70-85
e-mail: career_training@ospu.su