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The competition of youth educational research «Young historian-archivist of the Orenburg region»

We invite students of grades 8-11 to take part in the competition of educational and research works "Young historian-archivist of the Orenburg region"!
The purpose of the Contest: activation of cognitive interest of students to Russian history on the basis of their involvement in the identification and study of historical sources; to identify and support talented students in their quest to continue education in the field of history, archival science, source studies; education; love of country, patriotism, citizenship on the basis of acquaintance with the historical-documentary heritage of Russia.
Category of the participants: to participate in the Competition with works of pupils of 8-11 grades of educational institutions of Orenburg and Orenburg region.
Winning the Competition gives additional points for admission to the faculty of history of the OGPU.
The competition has the status of the regional stage of the annual Federal Competition "Young archivist", every year the winners of our competition participate in the Federal stage and always get among its winners.

Competition of educational and research works "Young historian-archivist" is correspondence (remote).

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