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The interuniversity Olympic Games on literature

The regional interuniversity Olympic Games on literature are held among students of higher education institutions of Orenburg and the Orenburg region. It is dated for Days of science.

Organizers of the Olympic Games – department of literature, journalism and a technique of teaching literature of philological faculty of OGPU.

Olympic Games purposes

1. Expansion of knowledge of students in the field of philology, development of philological and culturological competences, formation of creative competence of students philologists.
2. Assistance to professional self-determination of students; promoting of pedagogical education among young people.

Participation in the Olympic Games is carried out on a voluntary and gratuitous basis.
The Olympic Games are carried out internally in one step in Days of Science on a Week of literature at philological faculty (from February 12, 2019 to February 15, 2019) to the address: 460000, Orenburg, Pushkinskaya St., 18

It is necessary to provide the application for participation in electronic form till February 1, 2019 in the enclosed form to the address for participation in the Olympic Games: e-mail: kafedra-mir@yandex.ru

on participation in the regional interuniversity Olympic Games on literature 

Educational organization, address, phone ________________________
Full name participant, e-mail address, phone _____________________________________

Information letter

Department of literature, journalism and technique of teaching literature of OGPU
 e-mail: kafedra-mir@yandex.ru