Opening is easy-the athletic arena on the street 60 years of October/2 Sports complex of the Institute of physical culture and sports. Educational building №8 Per. Furshtatsky №1 Dean of the Institute Thyssen Mr Biryukov.

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Citywide September dictation

Citywide September dictation We invite everyone to take part in the citywide September dictation. The September dictation is held with the aim of increasing the level of literacy through discussion of the results of the dictation and analysis of mistakes. The dictation is held on the same day - September 17th. It is checked by qualified teachers - philologists. Based on the results of the dictation, a consultation is held for everyone who wants to update their knowledge of spelling and punctuation rules. Assessment standards - the existing "Standards for assessing knowledge, skills and abilities of students in the Russian language." . Contacts Olympiad coordinator: department for work with applicants and alumni Tel .: +7 (3532) 77-70-86 e-mail: carrer_training@ospu.su Department of the Russian language and MPRE Tel .: +7 (3532) 77-12- 48 e-mail: kaf306@yandex.ru Shevyakova Irina Aleksandrovna Tel .: +79058176591 e-mail: sheviakova_09@mail.ru