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Regional Olympiad for schoolchildren and students " Pedagogy of the future"

We invite to participate in the regional Olympiad "Pedagogy of the future" students of 10-11 grades and 1-2 year students who want to show the level of pedagogical knowledge, the ability to think creatively, readiness for innovation in education. 

The duration of the Olympiad: 23.03.20 – 27.03.20 years.
Category of participants:
Nomination "Student" - students in grades 10-11;
Nomination "Student" - students of 1-2 courses.
Regional Olympiad "Pedagogy of the future" is held in two stages:
Stage 1-correspondence. The execution of tasks. A set of tasks will be sent to the participant's e-mail. Answers to the tasks must be sent within 24 hours of sending the letter. Successful completion of more than five tasks allows you to go to the second stage.
Stage 2-full-time. Presentation of creative work on the theme "My view on the pedagogy of the future". Performance before the jury is regulated by 10 minutes. If necessary, you can use multimedia equipment.


Tasks for the first stage

e-mail.: olimp.ped.2020@mail.ru
phone: +7(3532) 77-90-29 (Department of higher education)
viber/watsapp+79867949029 (Ledeneva Anastasia Vladimirovna)