Student IfCiS Pavel Poltavtsev (5 year) became the triple champion of Paralympic games in London. Awarded: Golden, Silver, Bronze medals. Swimming breaststroke.

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Размер шрифта Цветовая схема Изображения

Intercollegiate student Olympiad on life safety

Students of universities of Orenburg and Orenburg region are invited 

Form of the Olympiad: full-time.

Participation in the Olympiad is voluntary and free of charge.

Methods of submission of applications for participation: registration transfer of the application by e-mail: lutovina.k@yandex.ru



Department of life safety, physical culture and methods of teaching life safety 

Address: Orenburg, PR. Forshtadtsky, 1, K. 313, 413.
Tel. (3532) 400107.
Lutovina Ekaterina Emelyanovna - 89878969093
E-mail: lutovina.k@yandex.ru