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The fifth anniversary children's volunteer forum "YuniOr" has ended in the Orenburg region

The fifth anniversary children's volunteer forum

On July 15 in Orenburg, the ceremonial closing of the anniversary children's volunteer forum "YuniOr" took place. It brought together 270 participants, including activists of children's public associations of the region from all 35 municipalities.

The Forum site has established itself as one of the most popular for children and adolescents working in the field of social design. This year, the educational program of the forum was based on diverse areas of activity, the content of which corresponds to the idea of ​​educating the socially active younger generation of Russia: the leadership direction "Breakthrough", the information and media "Media Stream", the patriotic "My Country", the ecological and tourist "Outpost", volunteer "Territory of good", the direction of the Russian movement of schoolchildren "Perspective".

This year, for well-known reasons, "YuniOr" could not accept everyone on the basis of the RMC "Avangard", so the organizers of the forum decided to organize an online platform. Broadcasts, trainings, brainstorming sessions for online participants took place on the basis of VKontakte and Instagram social networks. This allowed participants to quickly receive feedback and work closely with the expert and creative community of the forum.

“We were faced with a difficult task: creating the atmosphere of the anniversary forum, working out the program, going online from the main venue, interacting online and offline participants, keeping track of the time and employment of children, training participants in social design. The program of the online platform included communication with participants literally 24/7, interactive activities, games, master classes and, of course, evening lights. Based on the results of the work of the online platform "YuniOra" and the feedback from our participants, I can say that for us this is not just an experience, but a real point of growth - we have managed not only to adapt to the online mode, but also brought it to a qualitatively new level "- said Yana Asylbekovna Kuskulakova is the curator of the online platform of the children's volunteer forum "YuniOr".

Every day an interesting educational and cultural and leisure program was organized for the children at the Forum: educational districts where children learned about the work of other shifts and tried themselves in different areas of work of children's organizations; variable areas that included intellectual games, sports events, creativity classes and master classes from shift instructors. Every evening, show programs were organized for the children: the Miss and Mister Junior talent competition, the Junior Race sports competition, the Voice of the Junior music competition, the Yu-Dances dance battle, the Junior-fest evening event, - where the guys were able to fully reveal their potential and talents.

The distinction of this year's educational program was that the organizers and instructors of the Forum became speakers, since the entry of guests to the event base was limited. In addition, due to the pandemic, special requirements were imposed on the Forum's work to comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards. Upon arrival, all forum participants underwent a medical examination and verification of documents on the "input filter". Participants and organizers of the forum regularly underwent medical examinations with non-contact thermometry. Observance of social distance was a prerequisite for work. Air purifiers were installed to disinfect the air in crowded places. To maintain hand hygiene, antiseptics with dispensers, antibacterial soap and other disinfectants were installed at the entrance to each room.

The most significant event of the forum was the competition of social projects. More than 80 projects were submitted to the competition for children's initiatives, of which 30 of the most successful were evaluated by federal experts from Moscow, Smolensk, Tyumen, and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. As a result, 7 children's initiatives received the title "Best Children's Initiative" and the support of the government of the Orenburg region.

“The forum gave me a lot of new acquaintances and knowledge. I tried my hand at social design and I think I can implement my ideas in the area with the help of similar projects. Thank you very much to the organizing team for the opportunity to develop and find yourself with the help of such events, which, among other things, include many entertainment activities "- shared his impressions of the participant of the session" My Country "Ilya Proyaev (Pervomaisky, Orenburg region).

“JuniOr this year turned out to be really interesting and original, because we needed to unleash the potential of each participant and get the kids interested in writing social projects and actively participating in the Forum not only at the venue, but also online. And I think we did it: 150 full-time participants, 120 guys online. A competent team of organizers from all over the region worked at the forum, which managed to prove for the fifth time that YuniOr can rightfully be considered the best platform for the children's movement in the Orenburg region, ”said Serik Amancheev, director of the Junior 2020 forum.

Ideas of leaders and activists of children's public associations received the support of the Regional Government

At the closing ceremony, the Vice-Governor, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Orenburg Region for Internal Policy - Minister of Regional and Information Policy of the Orenburg Region Dimov Oleg Dmitrievich addressed the participants with a parting word.

In his video message, Oleg Dmitrievich noted that "YuniOr" unites the most active and initiative children of the Orenburg region.

- Today, people of all ages are included in the social movement of volunteers and volunteers. For example, we have silver volunteers - these are the volunteers of the grandparents' generation. Over the years, the desire to be useful, to help those who need help, to participate in important common affairs does not weaken. Volunteering is becoming a part of life, because volunteers are at the call of the heart, and this is forever. It is great that there are many such children among children and youth in the Orenburg region, which means that volunteering has a future, and you will be able to do a lot of good deeds. I know that at the forum I had the opportunity to present my ideas. I am sure they were appreciated by both your peers and the jury. The seven best projects will receive support from the Government of the Orenburg Region and will certainly be implemented. I wish you good luck and success, interesting events and new discoveries, may all your most cherished dreams come true, - said Oleg Dimov.

Forum "YuniOr" built its work in the most diverse areas of activity. These are shifts of young journalists "Mediapotok", leaders of children's organizations "Breakthrough", ecologists and tourists "Forpost", volunteers and volunteers "Territory of Good", members of the Russian movement of schoolchildren "Perspektiva" and a patriotic session "My country".

The result of the work of the Forum participants was the development of their own social project. Authors of the best initiatives received support from the regional government to implement their idea.

Support received:

  • project "Confident Future", author: Spiridonova Varvara (Sorochinsky urban district), regional children's organization "Planet of Childhood". The main idea of ​​the project is to create a specialized shift, the educational focus of which will be associated with vocational guidance;
  • project "Cultural Code", author: Laricheva Julia (Gaysky urban district), Gaysky city public organization "People of the Earth and the Sun". The main idea of ​​the project is to popularize the cultural heritage using information technologies using the QR code system;
  • project "School media center Inside", author: Sholkin Sergey (Orenburg), primary branch of the Russian movement of schoolchildren MOAU "Secondary school No. 87 ". The main idea of ​​the project is career guidance for teenagers interested in journalism and media;
  • project “Mirror rivers. Native land ", author: Karbolin Vyacheslav (Krasnogvardeisky district), regional children's organization" Commonwealth ". The main idea of ​​the project is to clean up the rivers of the Krasnogvardeisky district with further waste processing;
  • project "In the footsteps of security", author: Fursova Alina (Novotroitsk), branch of the Federation of Children's Organizations "Unity +". The main idea of ​​the project is to ensure safe and comfortable movement of schoolchildren in the western district of the city of Novotroitsk;
  • project "Descendants of Heroes", author: Zhambakova Kamila (Oktyabrsky District), primary branch of the Russian movement of schoolchildren. The main idea of ​​the project is to update data on those who died during the Great Patriotic War;
  • project of the online platform of the New Generation Forum, author: Irina Goncharova (Ilek District), MBOU "Kardailovskaya Secondary School". The main idea of ​​the project is to create a school press center.

This year, in parallel with the main platform, JuniOr was held online for everyone. 118 people, 12 online broadcasts, 6 master classes, 2 online meetings with social design experts, sweepstakes and contests with prizes, evening online lights for guys who could not come in person. The event was also attended by the chairman of the Orenburg regional public organization "Federation of Children's Organizations" and the Orenburg branch of the Russian movement of schoolchildren Elena Gennadievna Ilyina.

For reference:

"YuniOr" is the first in Russia and the only playground for children and adolescents working in the field of social design in the Volga Federal District. For the 5th year in a row the children's volunteer forum "YuniOr" gathers members of the children's movement and creates conditions for the creative and social realization of their potential. And this is more than 1500 participants and 30 best children's initiatives.

The organizers of the Children's Volunteer Forum "YuniOr" are the Orenburg regional public organization "Federation of Children's Organizations" and the Orenburg regional branch of the Russian movement of schoolchildren, together with the department of youth policy of the region with the support of the Government of the Orenburg region.

OGPU students took part in organizing the forum:

  • Timur Rashidovich Shumov graduate of 2020 - Faculty of History, Head of Technical Service;
  • Artyom Alekseevich Melent'ev 3rd year IE&E head of information and media direction "Mediastream";
  • Trunov Pavel Andreevich 4th year Faculty of History, head of the ecological tourism direction "Forpost";
  • Cheremisina Valeria Olegovna 2 course, Institute of Continuing Education, instructor of the volunteer direction "Territory of Kindness";
  • Sammigullina Dinara Ildarovna 2 course, Faculty of Philology, instructor of the patriotic direction "My country"
  • Kiyakova Alsu Nagimulovna 4th year, faculty of foreign languages, instructor of leadership direction "Breakthrough"
  • Kaparushkin Pavel Vitalievich, 3rd year student by correspondence IE&E, instructor of the eco-tourism direction "Forpost";
  • Miralinova Makhabat Zhumabaevna 5 year faculty of foreign languages, head of the direction of the Russian movement of schoolchildren "Perspective".
  • Ryanova Elza Insafovna 3rd year, Faculty of Foreign Languages, instructor in the direction of the Russian movement of schoolchildren "Perspective".

The fifth anniversary children's volunteer forum "YuniOr" has ended in the Orenburg region