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Immortal Regiment

Immortal Regiment

On May 9, the heroes of that terrible World War II will nevertheless be held in the same ranks and will be with us, but only virtually. Let us remember them and we will be grateful to them for our lives! The Institute of Physical Culture and Sports organized an online campaign "Immortal Regiment".

Students and teachers send information to the student council of the IFKiS about members of their families who were directly related to the Great Patriotic War (veterans, home front workers, children of the war, blockades, prisoners of concentration camps). All the same portraits of those to whom we owe life, the same minute of silence in honor of the fallen. We will not take to the streets of cities, but we will still remember our heroes together. The memory of our heroes in their things and photographs. The Immortal Regiment online is not just another action.

This is a story without which, perhaps, you and I would not have existed. The courage and heroism of this generation - this mystery will still not be solved for a long time. We will be forever grateful to this generation for living in this world today, having happy families, our grandchildren, and children.

Students collect materials and prepare a “Book of Remembrance” on the website of the student council of the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports for Victory Day!

Immortal Regiment