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Digital literacy in action

Digital literacy in action

As part of distance learning, the Department of Pedagogy of Higher Education organized active work with undergraduates in the electronic information and educational environment on the Moodle platform. Classes are held according to the schedule.

To improve the quality of feedback, teachers of the department learn and offer students various forms of work in the EEOS, including: an interactive lecture, chat, forum, glossary, survey. For operational communication with undergraduates organized group chats in the Viber messenger, a group is actively functioning in the social network Vkontakte. Distant is not a hindrance to planned events. In the online format, continuing education courses “Digital Educator Literacy” were completed.

As part of the organization of internships, IPiP together with GBPOU “Ped. College named after N.K. Kalugin "and MOAU" Gymnasium No. 1 "under the leadership of O. Kuzmenkova and Ksenofontova A.N. holds online conferences and pedagogical tips using Zoom and Skype platforms. One of the last conferences is devoted to the scientific and methodological support of the educational environment of the college and gymnasium.

The students were faced with the task of revealing the conditions conducive to the innovative construction of the educational environment of the college and gymnasium, such as: the development of positive motivation, enrichment of content by inclusion in independent activities, and the use of innovative technologies. At the pedagogical council, attention was paid to the problem of educating the social responsibility of the individual.

During the discussion, students considered in detail the federal projects included in the national project "Education". As a result, the participants in the pedagogical council were presented with a "portrait" of the graduate, whose main components are professionalism, creativity, culture, patriotism, a healthy lifestyle, an active citizenship, spirituality. Despite the difficult situation and the heavy workload at work, students actively and with great interest conduct educational activities as part of master's studies.

Digital literacy in action