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Distance Learning - Real Time Testing

Distance Learning - Real Time Testing

On April 15, 2020, as part of operational activities to provide scientific and methodological assistance to the pedagogical community of the region to prevent the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the teachers of our university, T.V. Chelpachenko, Ph.D., professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Sociology and A.N. Moiseeva, Ph.D., associate professor of the department of preschool, correctional, additional education and problems of upbringing took part in a webinar conducted by the Ministry of Education of the Orenburg Region "Using distance technologies in the educational process."

Questions were raised about how to organize distance learning in the new conditions, about the provision of psychological and pedagogical assistance to parents of students, the use of interactive teaching materials, about the specific planning of the work of both the teacher and the student. The problems and risks of distance learning, which were actively discussed by the deputy heads of educational organizations and the teachers themselves who work with children with disabilities, did not escape attention.