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Intellectual competitions in geography

Intellectual competitions in geography

In December, events continue to be held dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the creation of the department of geography at the natural-geographical faculty of the Orenburg State Pedagogical Institute named after V.P. Chkalova.

December 6 held a city geography competition for students in grades 6-8 and 9-11. It was attended by 116 students from Orenburg.


  • Ovchinnikov I. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 1"
  • Platonova P. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 2"
  • Alyabyev A. MOAU "Lyceum number 1"
  • Levchenko M. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Ordinarova E. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Ovsyannikov A. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 8 named after Leo Taikeshev "

Prizewinners (2nd place):

  • Nikiforov E. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Torgaeva P. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Miropolskaya A. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Minina A. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Galushko D. MOAU "Lyceum number 1"
  • Knyazev K. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 1"
  • Vasilevsky N. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 2"
  • Maltsev I. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 2"
  • Pikalova V. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 8 named after Leo Taikeshev "

Prizewinners (3rd place):

  • Zhunusov M. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 1"
  • Socks I. MOAU "Gymnasium number 2"
  • Andreev D. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 2"
  • Belov N. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Gorbaneva N. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Gusarov A. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3"
  • Sveshnikova M. MOAU "Secondary school number 5"
  • Arefyev A. MOAU "Gymnasium No. 8 named after Leo Taikeshev "

Winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad were awarded with Diplomas of I, II, III degree, other participants - with Certificates.

We express gratitude to the geography teachers who prepared the winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad: Koshkina I.V., Protasova E.V., Zaitseva E.A., Shaposhnikova G.A., Ponomarenko E.P., Salikhova O.A. ., Zhunusovoi N.I., Maslova T.A., Chekryzheva O.P., Tyurina A.N., Kurguzova V.A.

Intellectual competitions in geography