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The results of the regional competition "The feat of heroes is immortal!"

The results of the regional competition

From February 1 to April 25, 2020, in order to stimulate the interest of the younger generation in the historical past, as well as to introduce students to research, the Department of General History and Methods of Teaching History and Social Studies held a regional competition of research works on history within the framework of the project "Social Practices" The feat of heroes is immortal! "

The competition was presented 18 works performed by students from schools in the city of Orenburg and the Orenburg region.

According to the results of the competition, the winners are:

Nomination "Research Project":

Younger age group:

  • I place: Shley Olga (MOAU "Lyceum No. 4").
  • II place: Sharapov Philip (MOAU "Lyceum No. 4"); Mechkaeva Victoria (MOAU "Gymnasium No. 3").
  • III place: Grishakova Irina (MOAU "Secondary school number 69"); Ivanova Ekaterina (MOAU "Secondary school number 69").

Older age group:

  • I place: Sonts Svetlana (MOAU “Lyceum No. 6 named after ZG Serazetdinova”)
  • II place: Eroshina Margarita (MOAU "Secondary school number 72"); Shageeva Linara (MOAU "Secondary school number 6").
  • III place: Ryabtsova Daria (MOAU "Secondary school number 69"); Bogolyubov Ivan (MOAU "Gymnasium No. 5").

In the nomination "Video":

  • I place: Zakharova Anastasia (MOAU "Secondary school number 69")
  • II place: Amir Yamaletdinov (MOAU "Secondary school No. 86"); Novikov Stepan (MOAU "Secondary school number 86").
  • III place: Grishakova Polina (MOAU "Secondary school No. 69") Mechkaeva Ekaterina (MOAU "Grammar school No. 3").

Congratulations to the winners!