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I am proud of the veteran in my family!

I am proud of the veteran in my family!

From February 15 to April 20, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the FSBEI HE OGPU, as part of the Social Practices project, held an international distance contest in a foreign language dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War "I am proud of a veteran in my family!" 59 works submitted by students of grades 9-10 of schools in Orenburg, secondary school No. 3, No. 5 in Aksay (Kazakhstan), students of FSBEI HE "OSU", FSBEI HE "OGPU" were submitted to the competition.

According to the results of the competition, the winners are:

In the nomination "Presentation":

  • I place: Kurlaev D. (18KB (s) RPZO-OGU); Minichkina K. (OB-NOA-31 OGPU);
  • II place: Batsynyuk M. (OB-BZHFK-21-OGPU); Buts D. (OB-GA-21-OGPU);
  • III place: Voronova S. (OB-RL-21-OGPU); Stulba P (OB-NOA-31-OGPU).

In the nomination “Composition”:

  • I place: D. Ismagilova (OB-RL-22-OGPU);
  • II place: Tikhonova E. (OB-NOA-31-OGPU);
  • III place: D. Zhbanova (OB-RNO-11-OGPU).

Schoolchildren section:

  • I place: Masyutin N. (MOAU secondary school No. 35, grade 9, Orenburg), Akopova A. (secondary school No. 3, grade 10, Aksai, Kazakhstan)
  • II place: Terekhova K. (MOAU "Lyceum №2", 10 В class, Orenburg)
  • III place: Shpenkov A. (ChOU Education Center on the Field of Mars, Grade 9A, Orenburg)

Congratulations to the winners!