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To the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory

To the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory

On April 23-25, the International Scientific and Practical Conference "The Great Patriotic War and the National Security Problems of Modern Russia" was to be held, organized by the Government of the Orenburg Region, the Ministry of Education of the Region and the Orenburg State Pedagogical University (organizer: Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of General history and methods of conducting history and social science of OGPU R.R. Khisamutdinova).

The conference was also attended by the regional branch of the All-Russian Public Organization for the Promotion of the Level and Quality of Historical Education “The Association of History Teachers in Russian Universities” in the Orenburg Region; Department of Literature, Art and Social Sciences of G.d Annunzio State University Chieti Pescara, Italy); Department of Philosophy, University of Pristina (Serbia.) But in connection with events in the country and in the world, the conference was held in absentia. 83 scientists from 8 countries of near and far abroad (Italy, Hungary, Serbia, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Belarus, took part in the conference) Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia) Among the participants: 33 Doctors of Sciences, 36 Candidates of Sciences, 14 researchers, graduate students, students. The collection “The Great Patriotic War and the problems of national security of modern Russia.

International scientific-practical conference on the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany. Orenburg, April 23–25, 2020: Sat articles (scientific ed. R.R. Khisamutdinova. - Orenburg: OGPU Publishing House, 2020. - 348 p.