Student IfCiS Pavel Poltavtsev (5 year) became the triple champion of Paralympic games in London. Awarded: Golden, Silver, Bronze medals. Swimming breaststroke.

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Cultural vector of student life philologists

Cultural vector of student life philologists


Students are a creative, versatile, keen people! He has a lot of characteristics! The Student Council of the Faculty of Philology held a creative event in a modern format - “Quartier”.

The event was held when phone calls from classes rang and it was a blue winter evening. And in the assembly hall of the educational building it was warm, homely and cozy: tea with cookies, candles, a guitar, a photo zone as one of the locations, a favorite banner for the centenary of the university. There were verses of Russian classics (A. Akhmatova, A. Fet, M. Tsvetaeva, S. Yesenin) and the author’s - their own, coming from the heart.

The songs to the soulful accompaniment of the guitar spoke of love, of the motherland, of human feelings. It was impossible to ignore the conversation about what led today's students to the OGPU to the Faculty of Philology, which influenced the choice of yesterday’s graduates. And it was very gratifying to everyone to hear that the faculty is the best, and the teachers at it are the best. And the fact that studying here is very comfortable, although difficult. The modern “Lodger” is an event in an unusual format, captivating with informality and a lively creative atmosphere. Our “Kvartirnik” was also distinguished by originality, warmth and “had its own face” - a philological orientation.


Another creative direction in the student life of philologists is a mass exit to the theaters and cultural institutions of the city: a drama theater, a musical comedy theater, a puppet theater, a philharmonic society, a museum of fine art, etc. Watch a play, an operetta, discuss issues, the actors' play, the meaning of the production and write an essay review. This is a good tradition of the faculty. This is the case when a long time after viewing in the head and soul of a student - episodes, fragments - and thoughts. Here’s such a big way out, and now - 99 people watched a performance based on Oscar Wilde’s play “Salome” staged by the outstanding Belarusian director Oleg Zhyugd from the repertoire of the regional puppet theater.

The production was worried about the problem of substituting concepts for today's youth: love - obsession, power - permissiveness, faith is religion. The performance of the Orenburg Puppet Theater is a fascinating journey into the world of human passions and theatrical fantasies of O. Zhyugd, O. Wilde and the puppet theater. More than a hundred years have passed and still entertainment, emotional richness, and the crushingness of this work excite the minds of contemporaries.

Anna Semus, student of the Faculty of Philology, OB-21-RL gr.

Cultural vector of student life philologists