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Love and know Russian

Love and know Russian

The qualifying round of the X Regional Olympiad in the culture of speech and oratory for pupils of grades 8-11 has ended. Participants were asked to show their knowledge of the Russian language and culture of speech. Tasks revealed the ability to find and correct mistakes in speech, use words in the right form, etc.

In the correspondence round in 2020, 34 students from educational institutions of Orenburg, Gaya, Orenburg, Pervomaisk, Saraktash, Asekeev, Belyaev, Grachev, Tashlinsky districts took part. This year, the second round of “Speak for me to see you” will also be held in absentia format. Participants have to show their oratory. To do this, you need to prepare a presentation on a given topic and send it a video.

The results of the Olympiad will be summed up according to the results of two rounds.

We heartily congratulate the winners of the qualifying round!

We wish you further success!