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We are ready for both distance and intramural forms


One of the important questions for students of Orenburg universities is how to take state exams and defend their diploma papers (in the official language - WRC, final qualification works) for current 4-5-year students. Moreover, a university may or may not conduct a state examination, at its discretion. What is the situation at the OGPU? Rector Svetlana Aleksandrovna Aleshina spoke in detail about this TV Tower program.

Briefly: in OGPU protection of the WRC is obligatory. Graduates do not pass the state exam. To protect WRC, two forms can be used: remote (in video conferencing mode) and intramural. OGPU is ready for both. Which one will be used will show the development (or completion) of the situation with the coronavirus.

Final certification will begin after June 8th. In more detail, in an interview with Svetlana Aleshina, journalist Maxim Pugachev from 10.00 to 14.36 in the video located here: https://vk.com/id90589715?z=video90589715_456239077%2F6e96b656af2e3283e1%2Fpl_wall_90589715