Opening is easy-the athletic arena on the street 60 years of October/2 Sports complex of the Institute of physical culture and sports. Educational building №8 Per. Furshtatsky №1 Dean of the Institute Thyssen Mr Biryukov.

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MY SCHOOL in online

MY SCHOOL in online

On April 22, the Ministry of Education, in partnership with the multi-platform digital environment operator Tricolor, launches an educational broadcast at the MY SCHOOL online online television project, which will help high school students quickly and efficiently prepare for this year's exams.

The project’s teachers will be the leading teachers of Russia, who, using proprietary techniques using innovative technologies, will clearly and intelligibly explain the material to high school students who will have to pass the exam and exam. This will allow you to learn the key topics of the program in a short time in the current period of distance learning.


MY SCHOOL in online