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About our Victory in two languages

About our Victory in two languages

On May 4, 6 and 7, 2020, within the framework of the project “It is difficult to forget”, students of 1-2 courses, under the guidance of teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages, prepared an online tour “About Our Victory in Two Languages”. Participants made an excursion in the virtual space of the Orenburg memorial park “Salute! Victory!”. Students recorded audio messages in a foreign (English, German) language about the most important battles of the Great Patriotic War, about the expositions and individual exhibits of the museum complex, about the heroes who fought at the front and about the home front workers - our fellow countrymen.

The guides were students of physics and mathematics and history faculties, institutes of physical education and sports, preschool and primary education, the head of the department of foreign languages ​​E.V. Komleva and teachers of the department I.V. Turetskova, N.T. Nikolaev, N.V. Sergeeva.

About our Victory in two languages