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The Department of Russian History with the support of the Orenburg branch of the Russian Historical Society exactly 25 days ago opened a project called “Parade of Memory. Eastfac OGPU. To the 75th anniversary of the first Victory Parade of 1945. " In order to honor the memory of the Heroes, to preserve their appearance in the annals of history and to more closely link the memory of generations, through social networks we invited everyone who is connected with our historical faculty alone or through relatives to share information about their Heroes.

Students, graduates, teachers responded! Materials continue to be received until now, and we hope that work to preserve this memory will continue after May 9th. You can submit material for this archive to the address of the Department of Russian History: kaf_rushistory@ospu.su, or put it in our groups on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1119297848424042/ or VKontakte https://vk.com/public194244098 Today, on the eve of our most important holiday, we are summing up the intermediate results of the project.

The result is such a video. Look at these faces! Read the signature. They will say more about the past War and about the people's attitude to it than ordinary words!