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"VICTORY and LITERATURE": philologists took part in the all-Russian action


From May 4 to May 9, 2020, students of the Faculty of Philology of the first, fourth and fifth courses (44 people) profiles Russian language and Literature, Russian language and History, Russian languages ​​Primary education, as well as the head of the Department of Russian Language and IPRM G. M. Kulaev and V.V. Mezhebovskaya, Associate Professor of the Department of Literature, Journalism and MPL, took part in the All-Russian campaign “LITERARY GAME. VICTORY and LITERATURE ”, organized by the philological faculty of Moscow State University. Within six days, access to the tasks of the game was open. You had to complete the game online.

Tasks were posted on the Moscow State University website http://li.philol.msu.ru, there were 50 of them. Philology students noted the diversity of multimedia and digital resources, forms of electronic assignments, as well as a wide range of works about the Great Patriotic War - A. Twardowski “Vasily Terkin”, V. Bogomolov “Moment of Truth”, V. Astafyev “Shepherd and Shepherd”, V Bykov “Sotnikov”, contemporary authors (E. Grishkovets), films about the war, monuments and monuments, songs of the war years. During the survey, our students wrote that the assignments were interesting, informative, complex and revealed a lot of new things about the events of the Great Patriotic War and their embodiment in literature and in art. After completing the tasks, you could immediately find out the number of correct answers in percent, see the answers, see the errors.

There are already leaders with high percentages of execution: D. Shcheglova (97 points), K. Ishtuganova – 93, T. Medvedeva – 94, V. Nalivkina – 91, M. Efremova – 90, M. Leshchenkova – 90, E. Ozeruga - 94, K. Ermoshina - 90, E. Andreeva - 91, O. Kalosh - 93, Schmidt - 90, E. Galiulina - 90, K. Polyakova - 91, A. Sanatova - 87, D. Neprokina - 87, O Baluk - 87, Yu. Korobchuk - 90, M. Serkov - 85, P. Tsvetkova - 81, R. Kuytanova - 87, E. Pechatnikova - 78, K. Melnikova - 81 The winners and prize-winners of the educational campaign of the new season of the Literary Game will receive awards, diplomas and certificates of participants after May 15.

We thank the group leaders K. Ermoshina, A. Volynshchikova, M. Eltysheva, who helped organize the participation of classmates and collect results.

"VICTORY and LITERATURE": philologists took part in the all-Russian action