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Read about the war to remember

Read about the war to remember

In the anniversary year of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, a relay race of events dedicated to the Great Patriotic War took place throughout the country. The Department of General History and Methods of Teaching History and Social Studies and the Library of the Orenburg State Pedagogical University on 05/07/2020 held a conference in which students took part: students of the History Department Abdrakhmanova Yu.M., Astafyeva VS, Karpova AV, Koveshnikova O. V., Munasypova K.R. Murtazin R.A., Nesnova A.S., Skuratova E.S., Starchenko A.Yu., Antipina V.Yu., Butskikh M.V., Melnova A.V., Sarbaev M.K., Sakova N. .I., Nurkenova A.Zh., Tyurina S., Khasnetdinova Yu.R., Mustafin R.M. (scientific adviser Khisamutdinova R.R.); Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​Iskhakova L.R., Dyugaev I.D. (scientific adviser Vakhrusheva M.I.).

Based on the materials of the scientific and practical conference, the collection “Difficult Steps to Victory” was created http://elib.osu.ru/handle/123456789/11648 The scientific editor of the collection is Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Khisamutdinova Raisa Romanovna, compiled by Slugina Elena Anatolevna. In the collection, in addition to reports at section meetings, the works of the winners of the contest for the best interview “On the War Soldier” are presented. All conference reports went through the heart of the person who wrote them. It is impossible to imagine what people had to endure without tears.

A distinctive feature of the materials of this conference was the emphasis not on the military route, not on battles. The authors of the works showed us the everyday life of the war, the rear, the first post-war years. The presented material of articles can be used in preparation for school and extracurricular activities.

Read about the war to remember