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Professionals "defectologist": challenges of the time


The event, which was attended by over 70 people, was held in person using online technology (on the Zoom platform). Koroleva Yu.A., candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor, head. The department of special psychology of the OGPU told students about the current problems of training defectologists at the present stage, about the requirements for the level of education of a defectologist. Employers and their representatives answered the audience's questions: N. Kormushina. - teacher-psychologist of secondary school No. 86, Suslova N.M. - Speech therapist of the Center for Development and Correction "Bogdaniya", Timoshina S.V. - teacher-defectologist of kindergarten No. 22, Bakhcheeva E.N. - Head kindergarten number 199. Students were interested in the following questions: what difficulties does the defectologist encounter in their practical activities, what are the requirements for employers in employment, how to overcome the fear of mistakes in professional activities? Participants actively asked questions of interest, 4 year students were especially active.

4-year student of the profile of training Logopaedia Khasanova D.M. presented the results of a survey of graduate students. According to the data received, most of the respondents plan to work by profession and continue their education. The event helped in an accessible form to learn about the needs of modern practice and the specifics of the activity of the defectologist. Students expressed gratitude for the opportunity to communicate with both senior students and professionals.

Professionals "defectologist": challenges of the time