Opening is easy-the athletic arena on the street 60 years of October/2 Sports complex of the Institute of physical culture and sports. Educational building №8 Per. Furshtatsky №1 Dean of the Institute Thyssen Mr Biryukov.

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With the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory!

With the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory!

Dear colleagues, students! On the eve of the most solemn, most tragic, most significant holiday for our Motherland, I congratulate you on the Great Victory Day!

For 75 years, they have been separating us from the great salute in honor of the liberation of the world from the German invaders, there are fewer and fewer witnesses of those heroically days, the more significant is our memory, our gratitude to everyone who has maintained a peaceful sky. Health, prosperity and bright sky to everyone!

Sincerely, Rector S.A. Alyoshina