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Wall of memory. Thank the granfather for the victory!

Wall of memory. Thank the granfather for the victory!

In the history of our people there are many events over which time has no power. One of these is the Great Patriotic War - unprecedented in its scale, heroism and tragedy. The years 1941-1945 of the last century forever remained in the memory of every Soviet / Russian family.

Faces are erased from the memory, and yet we, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, should not forget those who, at the cost of their own lives, have conquered the world for us! Despite the regime of self-isolation, an event dedicated to this great event was organized at the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology. In the open group VKontakte of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology launched an online project “Wall of memory. Thank you grandfather for the victory! ”Dedicated to the celebration of the 75th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The aim of the project was the desire of students of the institute to share the pages of the life of their own family, capturing the difficult years of that terrible war.

The page is regularly updated as new information and photographs come from students. The notes compiled by students contain short biographical stories of relatives who forged a victory for their descendants.

And although in this jubilee victorious year we are deprived of the opportunity to directly express words of gratitude, to provide assistance and care to veterans, nevertheless remember: # REMAINING AT HOME, you take maximum care of those who once won to live ...

Wall of memory. Thank the granfather for the victory!