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On May 18, at the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the OGPU, the results of the I regional distance Olympiad for schoolchildren in foreign languages ​​Language Skills were summed up, the aim of which was to develop students' interest in English and German; identification of capable and gifted students. The participants prepared audio or video clips (of their choice) on the topic “How do I protect my health during the coronavirus pandemic” and sent them to the organizing committee.

65 students of schools of the city of Orenburg and the Orenburg region took part in the Olympiad. Prizes were distributed as follows:

In nomination Audio record:

5-6- classes:

  • 1st place: Averin Egor, MOAU “Lyceum №5 named after the hero of the Russian Federation A.Zh. Zelenko »Orenburg
  • 2nd place: Aksyonova Daria, MOAU “Lyceum №5 named after the hero of the Russian Federation A.Zh. Zelenko »Orenburg
  • 3 place: Kirichenko Polina, MOAU secondary school No. 35 of Orenburg

7-8 classes: 

  • 1st place: Egorolaev Egor, MOAU Secondary School No. 5 of Orenburg
  • 2nd place: Zadorozhnaya Ksenia, MOAU “Gymnasium No. 5”, Orenburg
  • 3rd place: Alexander Sergeev, MOAU "Gymnasium No. 4", Orenburg

In the nomination "Video clip":

5-6- classes:

  • 1st place: Emil Maksyutov, MBUD Sudbodarovskaya Secondary School Markushina Viktoriya, MOAU “Gymnasium No. 2”, Orenburg
  • 2nd place: Tolkacheva Kristina, MOAU “Gymnasium No. 2”, Orenburg, Kosareva Alisa, IOBU Lyceum No. 5, Orenburg
  • 3rd place: Weaver Veronika, MOAU secondary school No. 48, Orenburg Khalikov Artem, MOAU secondary school "Ecodolie" of the Orenburg region

7-8 classes:

  • 1st place: Dolgusheva Varvara, MOAU Secondary School No. 78, Orenburg Maria Bogdanova, MOAU “Gymnasium No. 1”, Orenburg
  • 2nd place: Anastasia Grosheva, MOAU “Gymnasium No. 1”, Orenburg Teplyakova Ekaterina, MOAU “Gymnasium No. 5”, Orenburg
  • 3rd place: Smirnova Marina, MOAU secondary school No. 48, Orenburg Maria Teplyakova, MOAU secondary school No. 84 p.

Redholm Congratulations to the winners!