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There was a rear, bullets did not whistle here, lead snowstorms did not sing here, the cannonade was not heard here, but there was the same war


The Chkalov region throughout the Great Patriotic War was a monolithic and strong rear, providing the front with everything necessary. Under the slogans “Behind the rear, as at the front,” “Everything for the front, everything for the Victory,” our fellow countrymen worked for days and nights, not sparing themselves and their forces.

Since the beginning of World War II, the Chkalov region has taken about 90 different enterprises, including such factories as Tula Arms, Avtozapchast from Odessa, Leningrad Aviation Plant No. 47 On the basis of four factories that arrived from Moscow and other cities, a silk weaving mill was created, became the basis for the production of parachutes. But not only the evacuated factories produced military products.

The industrial enterprises of the region were quickly rebuilt to produce products for the front. Over the years of the war, workers of the Orenburg region produced 1,150 aircraft, three armored trains, 17.5 thousand machine guns, 507.7 thousand rifles, 741 million rounds of ammunition, millions of shells, grenades, mines, 330 thousand overcoats, 311 thousand pairs of felt boots.

Skilled workers who went to the front were replaced by women, adolescents, elderly people from the local and evacuated population.